Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cape Pier Chowder House

Can it be possible we have not uttered the word "lobster" on this blog yet?  Well that is about to change.

In our great state, it seems everyone has an opinion on the subject "where to get the best lobster roll".  We figure it is our turn to weigh in on the debate.

Mainers are traditionalists when it comes to their lobster rolls.  We take a minimalist approach to preparing one and the star is always the lobster.  Only large, chilled chunks of the freshest meat combined with a small amount of mayonnaise will do.  Never dice the meat and easy on the mayo.  And the bun, yes the bun, must be top loading, buttered and grilled to a golden brown.  The lobster meat should be piled high and generously with perhaps a few delicate morsels spilling out onto the plate, maybe a squeeze of lemon and utter perfection.

Now that we have established what is best, we need to know where is best.  For us it is the Cape Pier Chowder House in Cape Porpoise.  We must admit we have been long time fans and derive much comfort from stepping up and placing our order, grabbing a cold beer and waiting outside on the deck overlooking Cape Porpoise Harbor, gazing over at the Goat Island Lighthouse.  It is simple, familiar and always outstanding.  And it is the simple pleasures, after all, that Mainers never take for granted.

Cape Pier Chowder House
79 Pier Road
Cape Porpoise Harbor, ME
(207) 967-0123

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  1. Nothing quite like his spot...
    True Maine!